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General Questions

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 Are retiree’s eligible to take classes at the university and still qualify for a tuition waiver?

Retirees can only receive tuition and fee waivers for courses at one of the University of Illinois campuses (UIC, UIS, or UIUC). Tuition and Service Fee Waivers

Are dependent children of retiree’s still eligible for the half cost of tuition benefit?

No Child of Employee - Attending University of Illinois

How much does it cost to add a spouse on your insurance when retiring?

Dependent rates are exactly the same for active and retired state employees. Dependent rates are lower if your dependent has Medicare Part A and B since Medicare is the primary insurance coverage when you retire. Cost as of 4/10/13:BlueAdvantage HMO $80
Health Alliance HMO $94
HealthLink OAP $105
HMO Illinois $83
Coventry HMO $92
Coventry OAP $92
Quality Care $196 Cost of dependent health coverage

Has there been a change in policy regarding sick and vacation pay benefits when retiring?

No Vacation and Sick Leave Payout

What happens to the life insurance money paid for dependent children when they reach 26 and are no longer insured?

Term coverage of $10,000 per child. All dependent children age 25 and under are eligible for Child Life coverage, except individuals enrolled in the Other category. Like any term insurance, premiums are not refunded while coverage was in force. CMS Life Insurance Coverage see also FY13 Benefit Choice Booklet.

At retirement, how much are Life Insurance (Minnesota/Relistar) benefits decreased?

If you are under age 60 and retired, your life insurance is exactly the same. It is based on your last annual salary. When you reach age 60 and over, your basic life insurance reduces to $5,000.00. Any optional life that you purchase also reduces to increments of $5,000.00. If you wish to purchase optional life insurance, a statement of health must be completed and returned to Minnesota Life Insurance Co. for underwriting approval.

Can you pay the premiums and avoid the decrease?  If so how?

If you wish to purchase optional life insurance, a statement of health must be completed and returned to Minnesota Life Insurance Co. for underwriting approval. Life Insurance when I retire.

Before retiring, should an employee meet with a Benefits Counselor to review which insurances will remain the same and which may require direct communication with the company? 

Yes, approximately 2-3 months before retirement.

When should I file my application for retirement?

SURS would like to receive your application 60-90 days prior to your effective date of retirement. If you are within 4 years of retirement, you may be eligible for a counseling session with SURS. This document provides information on requesting an appointment with a SURS counselor and the steps you will take to complete the retirement process. Retiring from the University of Illinois

What happens to insurance benefits and premiums when on a leave of absence?

Premiums are billed to an employee directly by CMS.  For a medical leave (includes FMLA for care of a family member) of absence, the employee must pay the same premium deducted from his/her pay. For a non medical or non educational leave, the employee must pay his/her premium cost for coverage. CMS Leave of Absence or contact Benefit Center