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Janice Watkins Award Screening Committee

The Janice Watkins Award For Distinguished Civil Service

Janice Watkins

Thanks so much for volunteering to be a Janice Watkins Screening Committee member.  Your role would be to review nominations and recommendation letters submitted for each nomination. There may be as many as 10 candidates or more for the Janice Watkins Award.  The SAC (Staff Advisory Council) Executive Board consisting of the SAC President, SAC Vice President and Corresponding Secretary will ensure that all nominations are a complete file before sending the correspondence to the Janice Watkins Screening committee via email.

Once the files are received by the screening committee, we ask that each committee member review the files for as long as one-two weeks with a requested deadline to submit each committee member’s ranking.  We will ask each member of the screening their ranking 1-6. One being the strongest candidate, two their second choice etc., of each nominee and write a comment explaining their ranking. This ranking is based on the award criteria. Upon your response, the SAC Executive Board will formulate the top 5 nominations based on the screening committee’s findings.

Please contact the Staff Advisory Council via email if you are a civil service employee and would like to volunteer today!