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Lillie Waits Heading link


Position: Cook

Department: U of I Hospital

Lillie Waits joined UIC in 1969. She is a cook in the U of I Hospital but also volunteers at a South Side mission. She commits her time to helping youth and elderly people who are without family or food. She believes she has been blessed, so she does not hesitate to assist others in need. Her kind-hearted spirit and positivity radiate from her everyday.

I believe that you should do all the good you can, and it’ll come back to you.

Lillie Waits

Henry Walli Heading link


Position: Manager

Department: Media Services

Henry Walli retired in 1993, after 29 years of service, as manager with Media Services East. His job involved solving problems, dealing with staff, supervisors, and faculty, each situation being unique with different kinds of needs. He has spent much of his free time volunteering at Awana International Christian Youth Organization for which he has served as a volunteer for over 35 years. Now as a retiree, Walli owns Handy Henry Systems where he provides plumbing, electrical and other services.

I plan to spend my next years helping others realize their dreams.

Henry Walli

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