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Policy and Rules

Civil Service Employee Policy and Rules

Do you know the policy and rules related to your civil service position?

Civil Service employees at UIC are essential to campus operations, representing a wide range of skills and experience. Due to being essential, the policies and rules of these positions are important to understand in order to maintain a successful work environment.

Learn about all the policies and rules that pertain specifically to the university, state, country, and more.

What is a Civil Service employee?

Civil Service Policy and Rules Heading link

Civil Service employees should work with the knowledge of their required policies and rules in mind. This allows for the University System to establish a sound program of personnel administration for colleges and universities in Illinois along with the State Universities Civil Service System, State Universities Retirement System, the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Review contracts, procedures and classification plans tailored for each position as well.

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Regardless of position, all employees are required to follow the universities policies for employment.

The University establishes guidelines for professional conduct by those acting on behalf of the University. These policies allow the University to communicate its expectations of proper conduct and what professional conduct the University values. Employees should always make decisions related to the best interests of themselves, their co-workers and the University. Policies required to be followed are in regard to nepotism, computer use, protection of minors, RIMS, time reporting, travel, gifts, etc.

The purpose of the policies and rules is to reinforce the concepts presented in the Code of Conduct.

State of Illinois Heading link

All UIC employees are working on behalf of the people of Illinois. As state employees,  you perform critical services which residents and businesses are dependent on. You are are entrusted to make important decisions and carry out responsibilities that affect the future of our communities.

A uniform set of rules was created as a guide for the process of personnel administration. The Personnel Rules, together with the Classification Plan, Pay Plan and body of Classification Standards make up the administrative rules. These have the force and effect of law, so they are important to review.

An understanding of the employee’s classification against both the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Illinois Minimum Wage Law is also necessary.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Heading link

The University is committed to providing an educational and work environment that is free of all forms of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct. Appropriate sanctions and other corrective actions are imposed to address conduct that is inconsistent with this Statement.

Reporting Heading link

Reporting discrimination, harassment, fraud, and any other incidents are important in keeping a trusting and safe work environment. Policies are enacted to protect any employee who engages in good faith disclosure of alleged wrongful conduct to a designated University official or public body. Incident Reporting Forms are available to offer the community a streamlined way of sharing the information with campus authorities.

Federal Heading link

The U.S. Department of Labor ensures employees are granted fair leave benefits, depending on the employee’s situation.