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Eunice Chapman Heading link


Position: Secretary

Department: College of Medicine – Pathology

Eunice Chapman began working at the Rockford campus in 1975, beginning as a part-time employee. She then became the secretary in the department of pathology and has been here for over 11 years. She is adored by her coworkers, modeling professionalism at all times, and ensuring all her responsibilities are met. She is efficient, flexible, accommodating, thorough, committed and loyal with all the work she does. Chapman also has been United Way campaign chairwoman for the Rockford medical campus, helped coordinate the Joan M. Peters Service Award, volunteered as a caregiver at the Northern Illinois Hospice Association in Rockford, and is the secretary for the YWCA Leadership Luncheon Steering Committee.

If Eunice has any faults, it’s that she is too modest. If we ever get around to cloning people, Eunice should be first in line.

Bernard Salafsky  |  Regional Dean of the College of Medicine at Rockford

Richard Johnson Heading link

richard johnson

Position: Officer

Department: UIC Police

Richard Johnson began working at UIC in 1989 as a patrol officer. He is the first UIC officer to win the Watkins Award, making his department very proud and honored. Since he began working here, he has tried just about every job in the department, including patrol, investigations, tactical and task force. He is described by his coworkers as innovative and proactive, always wanting to help out the community. He was a member of a joint Chicago-UIC robbery task force started in 1991 and serves on a police committee that addresses campus diversity. He enjoys making this campus as safe as possible, providing service to people.

Our mission is to make this campus as safe as possible. We want to be out there providing service to people.

Richard Johnson  |  UIC Police Officer

Claude Rhodes Heading link

claude rhodes

Position: Outreach Worker

Department: School of Public Health

Claude Rhodes is an inspiring employee, changing the lives of thousands of people. He joined the School of Public Health’s Community Outreach Intervention Projects in 1987 as a training assistant, being one of the first outreach workers and founders who helped make the project a success. Rhodes’ accomplishments and duties include founding a drug abuse treatment system that used ex-addict substance abuse counselors to staff its ranks, serving as director of the largest methadone treatment program in the city, launching a campaign to prevent further spread of HIV, and being apart of the Executive Council and Clinical Committee for the Drug Abuse Programs, Illinois Department of Mental Health. He was the author of “The Role of the So-Called Paraprofessional in Six Years of IDAP”, and he received awards from former Illinois Gov. Richard Ogilvie and the Illinois Department of Mental Health and Development Disabilities.

Over the years, Claude helped countless thousands of individuals to overcome the binds of chemical dependence and most recently to avoid the plight of HIV infection.

Wayne Wiebel  |  Director of the Community Outreach Intervention Project in the School of Public Health.