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Alice Harris Heading link


Position: Staffing Coordinator

Department: Nursing Resource Office

Alice Harris has been a Staffing Coordinator at UIC for 10 years. She is modest and caring, with exceptional organizational skills. She pays strict attention to all details and ensures every one of her duties is completed. She constantly makes her coworkers feel at ease with her calm, reassuring manner and listening ear. Her duties include coordinating transportation for patients between hospitals and clinics, budgetary responsibilities and payroll and attendance records for more than 200 nurses. She is also an active member of the Valley Kingdom Ministries International.

Alice’s thirst for knowledge, understanding and harmony in all aspects of her life makes her not only invaluable as a co-worker, friend and mother but as a human being and child of God.

Derrick Stewart  |  Patient-Unit Clerk

Gwendolyn Pinager Heading link


Position: Information Services Supervisor

Department: College of Nursing’s Global Health Leadership Office

Gwendolyn Pinager has been working at UIC since 1992, currently as the information services supervisor in the College of Nursing’s Global Health Leadership Office. Her duties include making travel arrangements for staff while coordinating the regular arrival and orientation of short and long-term visiting scholars and students. She assists international students through the enrollment process and helps get them settled. She consistently takes these students under her wing, being caring and supportive. She is often described by her department as an employee with high integrity, dependability, enthusiasm and commitment. She is active in the Greater Institutional AME Church and is a Girl Scout troop leader and service unit cookie sales coordinator for about 30 troops.

Gwen keeps the staff sane and organized while also serving as a strong, caring and resilient role model for students and community women alike. We are in her debt.

Beverly McElmurry  |  Associate Dean and Director of the Global Health Leadership Office

Maggie Stanton Heading link


Position: Business Manager

Department: School of Public Health

Maggie Stanton started at UIC 30 years ago as a secretary in pulmonary medicine. In July 1972, she began working for the director of epidemiology, and in 1975 she moved to the dean’s office, where she eventually became the school’s business manager. She is described by her coworkers as conscientious, thorough, diligent, poised, level headed, compassionate and caring. They often call her “Ms. Public Health”. She is fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association South Shore Auxiliary, where she serves on the executive board in her free time. After she retired, she went back to school, taking classes at Chicago State University.

I believe the Janice Watkins award was designed specifically to honor the 30-year dedication to excellence at UIC and the lifetime commitment to improving the quality of lives of others that Maggie exemplifies.

Portia White  |  Management Systems Manager

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