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Thursday, November 13, 2013 Michele Thompson Room A, Student Center West

Rosemarie Coogan Heading link


Position: Dental Assistant III and Supervisor

Department: College of Dentistry

Rosemarie Coogan is said to be a dedicated individual who has high moral values. She is consistent and has outstanding knowledge in all aspects of her position as a dental assistant. Rosemarie is known to always have a smile on her face and gives off a sense of comfort throughout her daily endeavors. She cares for patients as if she knows them personally and always treats everyone with respect.

Rose is one of the most dedicated and professional support staff at UIC that I have ever encountered.

Gary Raney  |  Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology

Darlene Kendall Heading link


Position: Financial Analyst

Department: Accounting in the Physical Plant

Darlene Kendall works for the Staff advisory council. She is somebody who is willing to work with a team and never fails to promote a healthy work environment. Darlene is known to be a strong leader and efficient in everything she does. She knows what it is to be professional but is also said to be an amazing friend as well.

Darlene’s strength is her strong leadership and her intolerance of inefficient process.

Sherman M. Jones  |  Assistant Coordinator in the Department of Parking Services

Teresa Vargas-Vega Heading link


Position: Departmental Information Supervisor

Department: College of Education Dean’s Office

Teresa Vargas-Vega is a Departmental informational Supervisor. She maintains a very rigorous schedule‘s with no hesitation. Teresa is said to be a model professional and diligent in her work. She is always available whenever needed and is always prompt and punctual. Teresa is required to coordinate the Dean’s schedule and always does so with patience and ease. She always has an upbeat demeanor and never fails to make someone feel welcome.

She conveys a sense that what each of us does is important to the success of the whole
enterprise and as we each are able to do our parts we all succeed.

Mark A. Smylie, PhD  |  Professor of Education

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