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Thursday, Michele Thompson Room A, Student Center West

Mariola Arriola Heading link


Position: Assistant to the Director

Department: Student Center East

Mariola Arriola has been an integral part of UIC for years, always remaining dependable, efficient, and unfailingly punctual. Her attention to detail is admirable, and she is willing to take on difficult projects whenever needed. She organizes the Staff Advisory Council events and Nomination Committee preparations, working long hours when necessary. She wears the hats of several employees, often overextending herself. During her time here at UIC, she has served as the manager of the Student Center West Service Desk and Student Building Managers. She currently is the Assistant to the Director in Student Center East and serves as the Corresponding Secretary for the Staff Advisory Council. Her coworkers admire how intelligent,  savvy, intrigued, and passionate she is. Her outstanding work ethic exemplifies the definition of a servant leader. The university is proud to have such a humble, empathetic and approachable employee.

Ms. Arriola’s attention to detail and ability to get work complete has led her to become one of the more respected and highly regarded leaders in the Student Centers. And, being a leader in the Student Centers is no easy feat.

Eric Simon  |  Executive Director of Business Development

Edward Snulligan Heading link


Position: HIV Health Educator/Outreach Worker

Department: Community Outreach Intervention Projects

Edward Snulligan has been a part of UIC since 1991. He is a devoted member of the Community Outreach Intervention Projects, or COIP. He was one of the first community health workers to provide HIV prevention education and HIV testing to those living in Chicago. His personal attributes and work skills helped make the early efforts a success. He is an invaluable asset to the program, admired for being good-natured, easy-going and a great communicator. Some of his responsibilities include training staff and assisting with program expansion, while also volunteering to assist with anew COIP initiate to provide community field experience training to students and residents of UIC.

When asked to describe Ed ‘s best work quality, staff universally will mention his skill as a motivator, someone who not only knows how to grab a passerby’s attention while working on the street, but who can also convince that person to be concerned about personal health issues.

Antonio D. Jimenez, PhD  |  Associate Director of Community Outreach Intervention Projects

Glenn F. Willoughby Heading link


Position: Building Service Worker

Department: Facilities Management

Glenn Willoughby has been at UIC since 2001 as a Building Service Worker in Facilities Management. He always comes to work infectiously smiling and spreading good cheer. He attends to your needs in a punctual manner and completes his tasks efficiently, resulting in excellent outcomes. He is known for his exceptional discipline, professional manner, and his kind and courteous persona. He takes great pride in ensuring the facility is safe, clean, and functional. He actively participates in Community Outreach Intervention Projects and School of Public Health events. His good nature and positive impact on the work environment do not go unnoticed.

Glenn’s dedication to his job and loved ones exemplifies not only what every member of the UIC community should strive for but what everyone should strive to be in their daily lives.

Karina Vazquez  |  Manager of Research Operations

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