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Tuesday, November 1, 2022, Michele Thompson Room A, Student Center West

Tori R. Allen Heading link


Position: Medical Education Program Specialist

Department: Office of Medical Education & Evaluation UICOM Rockford

Ms. Tori Allen is an extraordinary individual who consistently exemplifies qualities that make her stand out. With a pleasant and warm demeanor, she approaches her work with a cooperative and well-informed attitude. Tori goes above and beyond her duties, providing assistance and exceptional customer service. She has a genuine care for others, evident in her dedication to community-building and creating a sense of belonging. As an ambassador, Tori has made a significant impact in various roles, demonstrating exceptional organizational skills, administration expertise, and a collaborative spirit. Her efforts have positively influenced students, faculty, and staff, making her an outstanding candidate for recognition.

Tori Allen as  a civil servant embodies the principles of service, dedication, and a heart for the UIC students and community demonstrated by Janice Watkins herself.

Dr. Thomas Webb  |  DoCS Course Director UIC COMR - Rockford

Edward M. Bury Heading link


Position: Public Information Coordinator

Department: Urban Transportation Center, CUPPA

Edward Bury,  is an exceptional professional who has made significant contributions as a Public Information Coordinator at the Urban Transportation Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago. With a wealth of experience and expertise in communication, Ed has demonstrated exemplary skills in managing internal and external communications, including website and social media platforms, coordinating meetings and events, and serving as a liaison with other departments. His commitment to excellence is evident in his successful media relations efforts and the development of informative presentations by transportation and planning leaders. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Ed actively engages with the university community, volunteering on committees and serving as a resource for students, faculty, and staff. His dedication, strong work ethic, and genuine passion for his work make him an invaluable asset to the university and a highly respected professional in his field.

He is one of the most enthusiastic and generous supporters of students and faculty on campus and brings his pragmatic problem-solving skills to every situation.

Linda Landis Andrews  |  Director of the Department of English

Karen M. Coicou Heading link


Position: Events Administrator Associate

Department: Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Engagement

Karen Coicou is a highly dedicated and exceptional individual who has made a significant impact in her role as an Events Administrator Associate in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Engagement at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). With nearly 29 years of experience at UIC, Karen has demonstrated unparalleled competence, graciousness under pressure, and kindness in her work. She goes above and beyond her duties of scheduling and event planning, handling a wide range of requests with efficiency, humor, and superior knowledge. Karen is known throughout the campus for her ability to get things done and is highly respected by her colleagues. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Karen actively contributes to her local community, engaging in various community task forces and mentoring programs. Her dedication, work ethic, and service-oriented nature make her an essential and indispensable teammate at UIC.

Ms. Coicou models a dedication to excellence and integrity that presents UIC at its absolute best.

Michael Crumbock  |  Director of Government Relations and Advocacy Office of the Chancellor

Matthew Frazel Heading link


Position: Greenhouse Manager

Department: Biological Sciences

Matthew Frazel is an exemplary individual who consistently exceeds expectations in his role as the Greenhouse Manager at the Plant Research Laboratory. His dedication extends far beyond his assigned responsibilities, as he actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with other institutions, engage in community outreach, and support university programs. With his extensive knowledge in horticulture, botany, and plant science, Matthew serves as a patient and enthusiastic mentor to students. His involvement in citizen science projects and partnerships with external organizations showcases his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the university.

He improves the educational opportunity for our wide range of students, helps address the environmental challenges of city life, fosters scholarship and practices that reflect our diversity, and therefore transforms our views of the world. These are the very core ideals laid out in our University mission statement, exceeded by Matthew’s excellence.

Boris Igic  |  Ph.D Professor at Department of Biological Sciences

Dauphine R. Gregory Heading link


Position: Administrative Assistant

Department: Cardiology, Department of Medicine, College of Medicine

Dauphine Gregory is an exceptional individual with numerous admirable qualities. She is highly regarded for her professionalism and pleasant demeanor, consistently treating colleagues, faculty, and guests with great courtesy. Dauphine’s strong work performance and skills have made her a valuable contributor to the Division of Cardiology, where she takes on multiple roles and efficiently manages administrative operations. Her dedication and willingness to assist others extend beyond her assigned responsibilities, as she actively seeks ways to improve processes and save costs. Dauphine’s involvement in organizing the Cardiology Grand Rounds and managing symposiums demonstrates her ability to handle complex tasks and ensure successful events. Moreover, she is recognized for her commitment to community service, including fundraising for the American Heart Association and working towards improving conditions for the homeless.

Dauphine’s pursuit of personal improvement, exemplified by her recent completion of a Master’s degree in public health, showcases her dedication to continuous growth and excellence. Her qualities as a person are characterized by professionalism, dedication, compassion, and a commitment to making a positive impact in both her professional and personal endeavors.

No description of Dee-Dee’s qualifications would be complete without mention of her tremendous compassion and humanitarian efforts. Whenever there is excess food, Dee-Dee ensures that it does not go to waste. Instead, she packs it up and gives it to those members of our society who need it most – homeless citizens who struggle with fatigue and hunger. Dee-Dee personifies the compassion and commitment to society we all aspire to.
Jalees Rehman  |  Associate Head, Department of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine

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