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James Booker Heading link


Position: Instructional Communications Technical Operator

Department: School of Public Health

James Booker has worked worked at UIC for 31 years, but in the school of public health for the last 12. His duties include being in charge of printing educational materials work and providing audiovisual support. He films educational sessions for the Leadership Institute and is active in his community, serving as Jehovah’s Witness minister for 25 years and attending ministry school during the week. He also works with high school students in his community. Booker was nominated for the Janice Watkins award by two colleagues at the school: Funmi Apantaku-Onayemi, project coordinator, and Robin Mitchell, visiting research specialist. He has a history of being kind-hearted and spreading positivity, receiving a Sunburst Award in 1994.

Many comment on his smiling, pleasant, warm and calm expertise. He is always willing and prompt with his assistance.

Funmi Apantaku-Onayemi and Robin Mitchell  |  Project Coordinator and Visiting Research Specialist

Bernadette Greski Heading link


Position:Facilities Manager

Department: Molecular Biology Research Building

Bernadette Greski began her career at UIC in 1983 as an account manager in the department of genetics; however, she has been the facilities manager in the molecular biology research building since 1995. She is in charge of monitoring the environment in a facility where hundreds of experiment are underway, coordinating the building’s construction and the move of the various researchers into the facility. She is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in case of emergencies. Greski has been described by her coworkers to be cheerful, kind and committed to her job every single day. Outside of her job’s duties, she plays the piano at university events, and she’s a big booster of UIC athletics. She has also helped bring Credit Union 1 to UIC 12 years ago and served as a member of the board of the Illinois Credit Union.

Her demeanor is remarkably pleasant, despite frequent and diverse requests from the building’s occupants. Her dedication is exceptional as indicated by the multiple pagers that allow her to remain in contact within the building, in her car and at home.

Pam Paoli  |  Purchasing Assistant

Wilhelmenia Kendall Heading link


Position: Administrative Assistant

Department: Medical Center’s Human Resources for Nursing

Wilhelmenia Kendall began working at UIC in 1969, where she was hired by human resources records on the west side of the campus. She later worked as a program administrative assistant in Chicago Circle Center, served as a personnel officer for Physical Plant, and finally returned to the west side to work in the human resources/compensation until her retirement. During her time at UIC, Kendall served five years as president of the Support Staff Advisory Council, information panelist for the National Trades Women Conference and participated in the Midwest Women’s Centre “Women Can” program. She also served on the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Blacks, the Chancellor’s search committee and the advisory committee to the Board of the Trustees of the State Universities Retirement System.

She has always been generous in sharing her expertise as a resource and a mentor.

Darlene Kendall  |  Financial Analyst

Janice Watkins Award 1998 Article